Truro Art Society

The Society started as Truro and District Art Society after WWII. Originally a class in a schoolroom, in what is now Truro Library, the members decided to form a new Society. Although it subsequently changed its name to the snappier Truro Art Society it still has members from Truro district and from other parts of Cornwall. It also has far more members than would fit into one schoolroom. Some come to monthly meetings in the Piran Performing Arts Centre at Truro High School, some exhibit in the Annual Selected Exhibition and in smaller unselected exhibitions. Some attend workshops. Some enjoy the newsletter. We try to provide something to please everybody.

come and join us!


January 16th Meeting - New speaker!

 A talk by Sophie Capron about her art-work The message she expresses in her abstract paintings is all about the relationship between the natural world and our effect on it. She says her art celebrates nature's continual effect on the things we create: 'the pavements we tread, the walls we lean on, the doors we walk through … leave the scratches and scrapes of our lives.'  Humanity's more destructive effects on the World's natural resources, all in the name of so-called 'progress', is becoming an issue we can't ignore.