All meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, starting at 7.30pm and finishing between 9.00pm and 9.30pm. Venue: The Piran Performing Arts Centre, Truro High School For Girls TR1 2HU. Entrance and parking via Daniel Court and Daniel Street – see map below.

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19th June 2019


Sue Lewington

Nationally renowned artist Sue Lewington will constructively appraise our work. Please bring along a painting (in any meadium) for Sue to critique.


18th September 2019

The Art Of Movement

Bron Freake

A story of collaboration between dancers and artists. As an ex-dancer, Bron responds sensitively to sounds, rhythms, feelings, gestures, words and anything that gives her inspiration and how it influencesher own art. The feelings can be sparked by a stormy sky, a waterfall or a beach at low tide. In other words anything that makes her senses react creatively

16th October 2019

Avian Jewels

Graham Gynn

Graham is an agricultural zoologist whose bird-paintings are inspired by what he describes as 'the avian jewels' he has studied in the forests of Thailand. He is also a musician and says the 'jazzy, bluesy' music he plays, 'with a touch of Latin in it somewhere', also influenceshis paintings. The profitsfrom his latest CD will go to rainforest conservation, as will a percentage of the revenue from the sale of his paintings.  


13th November 2019 Note: 2nd Wednesday

The Image-Making Process

Beth Munro

Beth enjoys talking about the various image-making processes involved in print making and might even do a demonstration of her work for us. She lives in a Cornish village on the south coast near Looe, so the subject mat-ter of her art-work is inspired as much by what she feels for the beautiful surrounding landscape, as it is by the seascape and the marine life below it.

Saturday 14th December 2019

Christmas Party Get -Together

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with fellow members in a more relaxed social atmosphere. With food and drink provided, Stuart Dawson will entertain us with music and jokes to help make this special occasion a particularly festive one. Children welcome too. More details will be published nearer the time..

15th January 2020

Mixed media with a Latin American Influence

Susie Chaikin

Susie's approach to art is eclectic; she makes mosaics stuck together from bits of old crockery, and sculptures based on people and human interactions, and also makes textile hangings. Her work is particularly influencedby Latin American art and that of her Mexican idol, Frida Kahlo. She might even do a short demonstration for us of how she creates some of her art-work.


9th February 2020

A 'Piskies' interpretation of West Cornwall

Paul Westaway

Paul's refreshing approach to his artwork is personal, so has not been constrained by any formal training. Although he says he's always been interested in advertising art, such as old posters of fairgrounds and railways, his inspiration now comes more from the seas, coast and skies, even the mythical creatures known as the 'Piskies' of West Cornwall, where he's been living since 1984.